Our Lab

Dr Nicholas Murray

Associate Professor in
Global Ecology & Conservation

Dr Alejandro Navarro Otero

Research Fellow in

Coastal remote sensing

Madison Becker

Research Assistant & Lab Manager

Coastal remote sensing

Dr Robert Canto

Research Technician

Coastal remote sensing

Marine Lechene

PhD Candidate, JCU

Population structure of corals

(co-supervised with Renata Ferrari, Will Figueira & Mia Hoogenboom)

Emily Webster

PhD Candidate, JCU

Green sea turtle habitat use

(co-supervised with Mark Hamann & Steph Duce)

Estefania Erazo-Mera

PhD Candidate, JCU

Pygmy Hippopotamus genetics

(co-supervised with Paul Horwood & Monique Paris)

Bethany Smith

PhD Candidate, JCU

Livelihoods and vulnerability

(co-supervised with Amy Diedrich & Steph Duce)

Yanzhu Dong

Visiting Scholar (2023)

Global remote sensing

Lucie Perrodin

Visiting Scholar (2023)

Coastal dynamics

Rebecca Saunders

Masters Student, JCU

Coastal dynamics

(co-supervised with Nathan Waltham)

Taylor Condron

Masters Student, JCU

Seagrass Restoration

(co-supervised with Mike Rasheed, Paul York and Tim Smith)

Lab Alumni

Maren Toor

Research Assistant, Australian Institute of Marine Science

Dr Calvin Lee

Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Hong Kong University

Dr Nicolas Younes-Cardenas

Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Australian National University

John Wilshire,  

Software Engineer, Yale University

Sunae Kim

Former Masters student (saltmarsh remote sensing and change)

Sofea Ishak

Former Honours student (surface water remote sensing, UNSW)

Libby Timmis

Former Honours student (Flying fox movement dynamics, UNSW)

Fiona Robinson

Former Honours student (Global threatened flora distribution, UNSW)

Daniel Simpson

Former software engineer (remap-app.org, UNSW)