Welcome to the Global Ecology and Conservation group at JCU. We are an energetic lab group led by Nicholas Murray that is set on delivering the research needed to support conservation and environmental management at local to global scales. We work at the interface of ecology, remote sensing and conservation biology, and have ongoing research projects focused around ecosystem dynamics and species conservation worldwide. Our base is James Cook University in Townsville, Australia, and we travel and collaborate extensively to engage in research and outreach.


Our lab has a strong track record in developing free, open-source analyses, apps and datasets to support environmental conservation. We focus on putting threatened ecosystems on the map, understanding the global distribution and dynamics of ecosystems, and estimating future risks to the environment. A list of our freely software and datasets is here

We publish in a wide range of journals, including in top multidisciplinary journals such as Nature, Science, Nature Communications, TREE and One Earth. We are funded by academic research grants, NGOs, and governments to do the majority of our theoretical and applied research. See our publications here and browse through website to learn about our research. 


Core values of our lab group are diversity, equity and inclusion, and we actively seek to promote these values in our lab and in our academic, teaching and conservation activities. For more information about JCU's position on inclusion, equity and diversity, here is a starting point:  https://www.jcu.edu.au/careers-at-jcu/inclusion-at-jcu 


Those interested in joining our lab should contact Nicholas Murray with a CV and overview of research interests. See opportunities in the lab here. Also visit the JCU website for further information.